Work With Me

Work With Me

Over the last six and a pandemic years developing, as a website and social platform, has been a hell of a ride. The site has led me to exciting consultancy work with PR firms, small food producers, independent shops, suppliers & restaurants. Outside of my day job, I work with small businesses and help them achieve their full potential. 

I have learned to analyse and give advice on marketing strategies, and I can help you tell your story to the right audience. Or even define that target audience to start with. 

While I can manage your social media, much prefer to train you to do so. Your voice is unique and your followers want to know you, not a third party who isn’t on the ground. It’s also much more cost effective for you to keep it in house. You do not need to be in Dublin to avail of my services. I can travel down to you if required (assuming no lockdown) or alternatively work with you remotely.

I am FULL of ideas and will share them with you. 

As I am fiercely passionate about all things Irish food-related, I am enthusiastic and want you to do well. I care about your success. Let’s talk about your options!

You can contact me at 


“We hired Katia to help advance our existing team who were managing the social media in house. Katia came on for a month and helped staff hugely in bringing our social media forward. She helped inspire and train the guys. I would highly recommend her services for any business looking to up their social media game. By bringing in a professional, it just helped us polish what we were doing and put a schedule and some organisation into the daily events, which was a massive asset to our business.” Niall Sabongi, Klaw and The Seafood Cafe. 

“Working with Katia is a pleasure. She has an instinctive understanding of what can and will work for brands across social media, combining creativity with professionalism to generate engagement and real results. Her passion for food and her understanding of the hospitality business lends credibility to her communications to the benefit of the brand being represented. It’s a skill set rare to find!” – Sinead Ryan, Presence PR.

“Katia joined us for three months to set up and manage our social media while we were opening our new cafe. She kept our social media channels active and updated and was proactive with the community building side of things too. She was reliable and responsive and I would recommend her services happily.”– Nikki Mitton, Scoff, Ranelagh. 

“When we opened Amy Austin we worked with Katia to get our Social Media moving.She also helped us with social for 777.  Both are busy accounts with a need for an organic feel and an authentic voice, which was no problem for Katia – she has a real passion for the hospitality business and it shows. She’s professional, knowledgeable and really on the ball. A pleasure to work with!” John Farrell, Amy Austin and 777.

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