Tomato Drizzle

Tomato Drizzle

 A condiment so good, you will build your meals around it. I was sent a recipe which I souped up to my taste. This cost me next to nothing to make as the tomatoes came from the garden and I had the rest in the press. It’s one of the nicest things I’ve eaten in a long time, so thanks Chris, I owe you a breakfast roll! 


10 cherry tomatoes or equivalent of other tomato type (please make sure that these tomatoes are as ripe as they can be!); white wine vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon of celery salt; black pepper; 1 teaspoon of herbes de provence (mixed herbs); 1 clove of garlic. 


You can use a pestle and mortar or a soup blender, but basically you need to mash the tomatoes and garlic and add the seasonings and herbs.  Pour in your jar up to two thirds of the way up and top with the white wine vinegar. Keep it in the fridge. 

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  1. John McBride says:

    I’d love to try this – just know it’s tasty! Thanks for sharing, Katia.

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