The Weekly Soup – Roasted Peppers and Beetroot Soup

The Weekly Soup – Roasted Peppers and Beetroot Soup

Number 7 in the series. Time is flying by and I will be soon switching to a weekly salad. 


2 red peppers; 1 pack of steamed beetroots, 1 onion, a table spoon of fresh thyme. vegetable stock, 2 scallions and some feta for garnish. For the beetroots, I always have a pack of these in the fridge so it was handy for me but of course you could use  the fresh ones. You will need to boil them prior to making the soup for about 40 min first and then peel them. 


Roast the peppers in the oven for 20 min. Peel and dice your onion and sweat it in a large pot until it’s transaparent but not brown. Add the beetroots and peppers. Cover with stock and cook for 15 min. Blend the soup and mix in some fresh thyme. Garnish with feta and shaved scallions. 

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