The Weekly Soup – Pea Soup

The Weekly Soup – Pea Soup

Simple and fresh with a whiff of spring about it! It’s the pea soup! Have you got 10 minutes to spare and a fiver? You could make yourself lunch for 3 days at least! Here’s how.


2 onions, 2 little gem lettuces (or really whatever you’ve got knocking around, just maybe not iceberg); 1 bag of frozen peas of petit pois; stock (I used the vegetable knorr stock pot); dill; salt, pepper and a bitta ham if you must. 


Sweat your onions in a large pot with a tiny bit of oil. Cover and let them become transaparent but not brown. Add your peas, chopped lettuce and barely cover with water. Add your stock cube. Let it boil merely for 7 minutes. Take off the heat add your fresh dill (there is always lots knocking around my freezer) and blend until it’s lovely and smooth. Voila! Fastest soup around! 


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