The Weekly Salad – Mango & Chicken Salad

The Weekly Salad – Mango & Chicken Salad

The weather has been manky and I neeeeed sunshine. If I can’t feel it on my skin, I’m going to want to feel inside my giddy belly. 

As it’s National Vegetarian Week, if you wanted to skip the chicken you could replace it with haloumi and still win!


Mango (cheap in the asian/ turkish shops at the moment), lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, shallots, chilli, fresh mint, peanuts (I picked up a bag of monkey nuts for 50 c in Supervalue), chicken breasts or some halloumi if you want to keep it veggie. For the dressing: lime or lemon, ginger, soy sauce, toasted sesame seed oil.


Boil your chicken breasts until cooked through. Drain and let it cool down until just warm. On a serving plate. mix the lettuce, tomatoes, julienned cucumber, chilli, sliced shallots, peanuts, mint and mango slices. Add the chicken.  In a bowl, quickly whisk yhe soy sauce, ginger lime juge and oil. Drizzle the dressing over the salad. 

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