The Bacon Bomb (as seen in the Irish Times)

The Bacon Bomb (as seen in the Irish Times)

The Irish Times asked me to feature the recipe as part of their Food Month and here is the result!

There is this sexy poet. And he sent me a recipe. A recipe wrapped in bacon, about bacon made of bacon. Did I mention the bacon? So I started plotting and twisting and looking up bacon porn on the internet. Let me tell you there are a lot of bacon freaks out there!


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I mean who wants to be bacon? Clearly a lot of people. Those products were quite bad but then, there was this terror. The internet nearly imploded. I mean cats and bacon. It’s the end of the world. Even the cat doesn’t look impressed.

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So I got sick a bit and then I ploughed through with my baconning. Here’s how it went.

Buy 3 packets of streaky bacon. Two shall be unsmoked and just one will be smoked. Put some baking parchment on a tray (oven at 180 C) and place 5 plain streaky rashers plain across and 5 down. Like a tasty salty crossword. And then a couple of random ones just because bacon.


In a bowl take about a pound of sausage meat (I used some herby garlicky romanian sausages from the local butcher but toulouse sausage will do just fine too) and mix it with a good tablespoon of piri piri chilli and a bunch of scallions finely diced.


Mould it in a dome or whatever shape you fancy and lay it on the bacon.


Wrap the bacon around it and top it with the smokey streaky rashers. Sexy or what?


Place it in the oven for 30 min and it should look like this:


You would, wouldn’t you? Sausage on bacon, wrapped in bacon. Gowan. I served it with potato mash and it was lovely.

Left overs will make a fine sandwich and I’m fairly sure one of these days I’m going to try and make a sausage roll out of it! Now pork forth and make this! You know you want to!

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