Thai Fish and Greens

Thai Fish and Greens

It’s been a long summer and I’ve put on weight. In fact if I’m honest I’m probably at the heaviest I’ve been in quite some time and I’m starting to feel it.  It’s been a strange summer. I turned 36. I lost my job. I fell in love. I learnt how to drive.  It’s been up and down and I’ve let my healthy eating habit slip.

Time to fix it. I’m hoping I’ll be finding a job soon as the market picks up after the summer and I’ve never been much of a gym bunny. I’m more of an out and about fresh air kind of girl. Especially now that I’ve the car and can head to new and interesting places! There will be no stopping me.

I’ve also found out (it’s only been a year since I’ve had it) that my phone has a food and exercise tracker app which is aimed at weight loss/ maintenance. So two days ago, I set up my goals and started recording everything I eat. It’s very handy that the phone just automatically counts how many steps I take. In order to meet my weight goal it has given me a daily calory intake and a number of step to take. Instructions so easy, even I can follow them.

The one thing I can’t give up is good food. So in my quest to feel healthier and happier in my skin without stretching my wallet I’ll still be coming up with recipes and healthy food ideas.

Tonight I made monkfish and greens. Delicious and nutricious. The massive plate of food below was only 766 calories according to my app. Not bad for a tasty Saturday night dinner, ready just in time for Dr Who!


1 fillet of white fish (I used monkfish as it was on offer in the fishmongers); 1 courgette; 1 bunch of kale; 1 lemon; 2 tbsp of soy sauce; 2 tbsp of oyster sauce; 2 tbsp of toasted sesame seed oil; 3 cloves of garlic; 1 chili pepper; 1 handful of chopped parsley.



In a bowl (thank you so much Steve for reminding me of this sauce!), mix the juice of the lemon, soy sauce, oyster sauce, oil, garlic, chili and parsley.


Panfry your sliced courgettes on medium heat, when they are softened and browned add the chopped kale and 2 tbsp of the sauce. Let it cook done for another ten minutes on medium heat or until cooked to your taste. Plate your vegetable and pan fry your fish to your liking. Plate your fish and spoon some fresh sauce on top. Enjoy!


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