Spicy Thai Broth (5 min chopping – 15 min cooking!)

If you’re think of plain food and you’re fighting off a cold this will do the trick. It’s fresh, it’s zingy and it makes your mouth happy!

This recipe was passed to me by my favourite man in the whole of Scotland. He’ll know who he is!


1 bunch of scallions (spring onions), 1 scotch bonnet chilli, 3/4 stalks of lemon grass, lime leaves, mushrooms, handful of cherry tomatoes, fish sauce, juice of 1,5 lemon, a good splash of fish sauce, soy sauce, pepper, vegetable stock, sweet corn and sesame seed oil

You will find the lemon grass, lime leaves, fish sauce and mushrooms in the Asian market.

As a non veggie extra you can add a chicken breast cubed or some prawns.


Cut your scallions in small chunks and your lemon grass in half. In the pot place, the scallions, tomatoes, lemon grass, lime leaves, mushrooms, fish sauce, lemon juice and soy sauce. If you are using chicken add it in now. Pour some stock on it but make sure you don’t cover it as you don’t want the broth to be too thin.

It will look like this:


Cook for 12 min and chuck in the sweet corn (and prawns if you prawns!).

Sprinkle with black pepper and drizzle with sesame seed oil. Enjoy!


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