Spiced Potatoes And Spinach

Spiced Potatoes And Spinach

A tasty side dish for a roast dinner maybe. Or served as a vegan main with a couple of sliced ripe tomatos.


500 g of potatoes; 1 bag of spinach; 1 tbspoon of cumin, 4 garlic cloves; olive oil; salt and pepper


You will need a deep pan with a lid for this one. Pour a bit of oil and add your potatoes, peeled and cubed, sprinkle with salt and pepper and the cumin and cover with the lid. Leave it for 10 min on a medium to low heat. Stir, add half a mug of water and cover again. Leave it for another 10  minutes. Repeat. Take off the heat and grate your garlic on the potatos and stir your spinach leaves in. Place the lid back on and put it back on the heat for 5 minutes. 


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