Simple Grated Carrots and Black Sesame Seeds Salad

This one has to be made one day in advance for best effect. It’s possibly one of the cheapest salads you can make this month.


1 kg of carrots (€0.39 in Lidl or Aldi), 1 grapefruit (€0.39 in Lidl or Aldi), 2 tbsp of black sesame seeds, 3 shallots, 3 cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, 1 tsp of mustard and whatever oil you fancy!


In a large bowl, mix the salt, pepper, mustard, the juice of the grapefruit and the oil. Grate the garlic in and give the vinaigrette a good aul’ whisk. Toss the sesame seeds in. Grate the carrots (you’ll be laughing if you’ve a food processor) and finely slice the shallots.

Mix the carrots and shallots to the vinaigrette. Stir it all up for a good 5 min as you want all the carrots to be coated in the sauce. Cover and leave at room temperature. If you’re at home give it a toss every hour or so and make sure that the carrots that were are the bottom are now on top. They will slightly cook in the sauce and their natural juices.

This is best eaten after 24 hours and if you place it in the fridge in a sealed container it will last you a good week.

Voila, cheap, nutricious and delicious!


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