Sea Salt, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mousse

Sea Salt, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mousse

Four ingredients and ten minutes is all you will need for this frankly gorgeous dessert. For the health conscious, you can take comfort in the fact that there is no added sugar and it is gluten free so a bit easier to digest for the coeliac in your life. 


6 eggs; 300 g of dark (gluten free) chocolate; 1 teaspoon of sea salt; 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Optional: 1 large shot of rum! 


Separate the eggs. I quite like how they look like a flower. Break your chocolate in a bowl over boiling water and stir it gently as it melts. Take the electric beaters to your whites and mount them until they’re stiff and survive the upside down bowl challenge. Mix it with your egg yolks and peanut butter. Add the melted chocolate and mix it all together. Gently fold the chocolate mixture and the teaspoon of salt into the egg whites. Be very gentle as the more air there is in your mousse the lighter it will be. Spoon into your containers and refregirate for at least 4 hours before serving but ideally overnight.  

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