Rum Ti’Punch – Sunshine in a glass

This cocktail is classic drink for the residents of Martinique. I lived there for about a year when I was 5. Not that I could drink back then but I remember the smell of it. It makes me think of my grand dad, sun sets and happy times. It’s also one of my favourite cocktails after a long day. Or even after an easy day….


– Rhum agricole: it’s a rhum made of sugar cane harvested from a particular area on the island.

– Cane syrup: not the easiest to find in Ireland but if you’re stuck you can swap it for agave syrup on sale in most health shops.

– Lime: it has to be a deep green, none of the unripe light green stuff. And no lemon!



Roll the lime on a hard surface and cut it in the length. Rub the edges of your glass with one of the segments and squeeze another segment in your glass. Add a measure of rhum and cane syrup to taste. For me that’s about half as much syrup as there is juice. Mix the rhum and cane syrup until the syrup is dissolved.

For show, add a segment of lime and a cinnamon stick. It’s delicious!


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