Rhubarb and berry crumble

Today I fancied comfort food and I wanted the house to smell of cake. Sweet, easy, tasty, warm, yummy cake.

I didn’t want to spend money on buying a cake when I had most of the ingredients. I hardly ever bake so there is always too much flour and sugar in my presses! I didn’t want anything too sweet so all I had to buy was 3 rhubarb sticks. They cost me โ‚ฌ2.50 so I think all in all, I’m making progress with my spending and my saving. Hurray!


400 g of plain flour, 200 g of caster sugar, 250 g of unsalted butter (and a few extra knobs), 3 sticks of rhubarb, juice of 1/2 lemon, any other fruit you may have knocking around. I had a punnet of frozen raspberries but you can use any berries or even apples that you have.


Pre-heat the oven to 180 C.

Chop the fruit in smallish chunks (2.5 cm) and mix in the baking dish, pour the lemon juice and add a dusting of sugar and a few knobs of butter. in a mixing bowl, mix the flour and the sugar and add the butter cut up in small chunks. Rub the butter into the flour and sugar mixture until nearly all incorporated. It’s nice to leave a few lumps here and there for texture. Cover the fruit with the crumble mixture.

Bake in the over for 30/40 min until golden or until the fruit juices oozes on the sides of the dish.

Best served with ice cream, custard or cream!


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