As we now know, outdoors account for 0.1% of all Covid transmissions in Ireland since the start of the pandemic. The Irish Times published an article on the subject in early April. So now, I don’t know about you but I am anticipating when the government is going to take its foot off the back of our necks and let us have a little bit of joy.

I’m not asking for much, just safe joy. The pleasure to sit outside with even one friend or one other household. The pleasure of not cooking, not eating out of a box, not plating, not warming anything up, and not doing the washing up. I miss it. I’ve a list as long as my arms and your arms of all the places I want to eat outside of. I want to eat fancy foods, and spicy foods, I want burgers, noodles, salads and ramen soups. I want buns and baos and pasta and dumplings. I want cheese fondues and sashimi, I want cake and and I want grazing boxes, I want it all and I want it now.

Last week, Marie-Claire Digby, tweeted about a UK website called and my friend, Caitriona Redmond, tagged me into that conversation. Caitriona knows very well that I love a good map. There’s something exciting about a community effort of lots of random folks in all corners of Ireland, gathering information just to try and make something good for everyone to use. And finally a big thank you to Michele, for the technical help. So this is it, thanks to all of you who got back to me on twitter, by email, on Instagram, the random whatsapps, we’ve got a great first stab as a meaningful and helpful map and list.

What you can expect: a real-time map (or near enough) and a list that shows you locations that offer food and outdoor seating and that will be updated when I receive new information. Every name of a restaurant or cafe on this list is clickable and will take you to somewhere where you can get more information on the location, be it their website or social media pages.

What you can’t expect: perfection. I have not nor will I ever get the chance to visit the great majority of the places here, so this document is not an endorsement. I’m merely helping you find somewhere to eat when restaurants can open again. Places will open and close and I won’t be told about it, so please don’t give out to me if you find that somewhere that is on this list is no longer trading or no longer has outside sitting. Just drop me a line and let me know.

In fact, should you have any suggestion for new locations or amendments to the existing ones please just send me an email to

Wishing you a very happy and safe summer,

Ravenously yours,


County Antrim

County Armagh

The Corner House Bar in Craigavon

County Carlow

County Cavan

County Clare

County Cork

County Derry

County Donegal

County Down

County Dublin (North)

County Dublin (South)

County Fermanagh

County Galway

County Kerry

County Kildare

County Kilkenny

County Laois

County Leitrim

County Limerick

County Longford

County Louth

County Mayo

County Meath

County Monaghan

County Offaly

County Roscommon

County Sligo

County Tipperary

County Tyrone

County Waterford

County Westmeath

County Wexford

County Wicklow

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