Cooks & Kids 3: Win A Copy

Cooks & Kids 3: Win A Copy

Cooks & Kids 3 is not your average recipe book. Kids meet top chefs recreate their favourite recipes. I am a strong believer that kids must be taught to cook from a young age as being comfortable in the kitchen is one of life’s important skills. 

I was invited to the launch of the Cooks & Kids 3 book in London, but what with London being a tad out of my commute, I opted for a virtual interview with Mr Wallace, who was quite the good sport and obliged gracefully. Although he’s just plain wrong about cheese, but I suppose nobody’s perfect!

If you fancy a chance to win a copy of the book, come play with me at the bottom of the post. 

Cooks & Kids 3: Proper Food Meets Gregg Wallace

PF: This book is a great idea. How did you get involved with it? 

GW: Believe it or not, it was through Wasps Rugby Club.  I got friendly with the HR Director, Jacky. Had lunch with her and her husband, Andrew, who turned out to work for the National Fostering Agency who were driving this initiative for their foster and birth children who wanted to raise money for the charity Place2Be.

PF: You’ve got two children. Are they interested in cooking?

GW: Yes, they are.  We spent quite a bit of time together preparing meals as a family; I wasn’t home every day, so it always seemed like fun time.  

PF: My biggest mistake in the kitchen was the time I decided to make potato mash by using a food processor. That’s one way to learn about starch. What’s yours?

GW: My biggest mistake recently was preparing a steak tartare (which needs to be eaten instantly) and thinking it would be ok storing it in the fridge overnight.  It smelt a little bit like a yeti’s armpit by the time I got it out.  

PF: You used to sell vegetables and are an accomplished chef. What trick do you have up your sleeve to make kids eat more vegetables?

GW: Take them shopping with you and let them choose a vegetable that they can cook when they get home, a different one every week.  

PF: What’s your heathy and easy go to meal for a week night dinner?

GW: Apart from a reservation at a good restaurant!  Piece of fish brushed with rapeseed oil and in an oven, hot stock over a bowl of cous cous.  Cous cous in a mound on a plate, fish on top, less than 10 minutes.  

PF: If you need a bit of a treat what would you eat?

GW: I am very lucky to have a beautiful wife who cooks like an angel.  So I think I would ask for one of her coffee and vanilla panna cotta.

PF: What’s your favourite cheese?

GW: Without doubt, good old British cheddar.  In fact, I think the French have ended up with so many cheeses because they have always been trying to make cheddar.  

PF: If Millwall F.C. was a pudding, which would it be?

GW: It would be a Christmas pudding with a hot brandy sauce, because it’s hot, not soft, and not to everyone’s taste.  But I love it.  


Cooks & Kids 3: The Competition

Rules of the competition are as follows:

  • The competition is opened on the 28th of November 2016 and ends at midnight on the Saturday 3rd of December. 
  • Winner will announced on Sunday 4th of December by 20 pm 
  • The competition is open to the residents of Ireland and the UK. 
  • The winner will be at my sole discretion. 
  • To be in with a chance to win a copy of Cooks & Kids 3 simply leave me a comment on this blog post telling me a funny story about what strange food phobia or habits your kids have. The kids don’t have to be yours either, I won’t actually check. 

I’ll give you an example: when I was about 4 or 5 years old, my mam took me to a fun fair. She proceeded to take me to the candy floss stand and to offer me some. I’d never been to a fair before and had never seen candy floss. In French, we call it “barbe a papa”, which means “Daddy’s beard”. You’ll imagine the laughter out of my mam, when I started roaring crying that I didn’t want to eat my daddy’s beard. Suffice to say I soon got over that fear! Over 30 years later, this story still does the round in my family. 

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  1. jolene cox says:

    my 3 year old loves animals.. and when shes eating she will always ask what the meat is.. when i say her pork is pig.. she will talk to her dinner and say ok peppa im eating you now.. but dont worry you taste so good..

    1. Proper Food says:

      Hi Jolene, congratulations you win the book! Hope you make many happy memories with it. 😊

  2. Lisa Collins says:

    As a child in went through a phase of stealing food from my uncles plate as he ate his dinner. One day he slipped the plate around mid swipe to the section with the English mustard on it. It took about half an hour before I’d stop crying and to this day I won’t touch the stuff!!!

  3. I was in the supermarket one day and had always prided myself on explaining how we cook meals to my toddler, like the roast chicken dinner we’d had the day before. We pointed at vegetables and he said the names. He saw lemons and showed them to me saying “lemons”, then said “For the chicken’s bum bum”. Just the way We’d cooked out chicken!

  4. Margaret Comerford Sexton says:

    My daughter told everyone that is was allergic to fizzy drinks as I didn’t want her to have them. That worked till she was about 8. No stopping her now!

  5. My son eats with his fork mostly but if it’s something tricky he will lift each morsel and put on fork then put in his mouth. He never sees what is funny about this. 🙂

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