Pork and beans

Pork and beans

In need of comfort? I spent the day going around trying to get my (first) car through its NCT and not getting ripped off by the local garage. NCT is now passed, my wallet considerably lighter and my temper very much shorter! So I wanted something warm and that would hug my belly. Pork and beans it it.

I took 500 g of pinto beans (€1.29) and soaked them in cold water for 2 hours. Any beans you like are good though. This is just what was in my press.


Drain the beans and reserve. Place the pot on medium heat. Add a bit of vegetable oil and add two medium sized onions. Peeled and sliced roughly. Let them melt a bit until they’re transparent. You are not looking for them to brown.


For the sausages, I had 2 types but again you can use whatever you want (although maybe stay away from chorizo as it will overpower this dish). I got 4 Toulouse sausages and italian sausage. Both sets from Fallon & Byrne in Dublin which set me back just €12. Given that I will get at least 8 portions from this dish, it’s not bad going at all.

Chop and add the sausages to the onions and cook them down for 5 min.

20140915_180411 (1)

Now at this stage, if you have a pet, this will probably happen.


Tease her a bit and keep going.

Add your beans to the pot, along with a a good handful of fresh thyme.


Make bouillon with 2 vegetable cubes and a pint of boiling water and pour over the pork and beans. I had the reminders of a bottle of white wine (about 2/3) and added that too. Lots and lots of freshly grounded black pepper.

Cover and simmer for 2 hours.


It’s now ready to serve. It will be even nicer re-heated and is perfect for the freezer! You’ll get about 8 portions from this.

I’ll eat mine with a lotta mustard!

Now tell me…. what’s your favourite comfort dish?

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  1. Favourite comfort dish is curry. Or anything with mash. Or….. I could go on πŸ˜‰

    1. Yum! I do love a good mash! With cheese please!

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