No Churn Mango & Blueberry Ice Cream

No Churn Mango & Blueberry Ice Cream

Well today it started raining after days of glorious if a tad sticky sunshine. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but I’m a bit contrary. So as I read people talking about lighting the fire and making hot chocolate  I decided I wanted ice cream. So yeah, I made ice cream!

I’d a few mangos knocking around which I’d bought in Lidl last week and that were lovely and ripe. I also had half a punnet of left over blueberries and a tin of coconut milk. Sure what else would you need?

This ice cream is vegan and the fat and sugar are all natural so not only does it taste delicious but you also know “exactly” what you’re eating. No funky E numbers and additives. I’m very very happy with how it turned out! It’s creamy and lush and the mango really comes out. Make sure you only use very ripe mangos as the sweeter they are the tastier the ice cream will be. 


2 large ripe mangos, 1/2 a tin of full fat coconut milk, a couple of handful of fresh blueberries


Blend the mango flesh and coconut milk. Fold the blueberries gently into the mixture. Place in an airtight container for a minimum of 6 hours. Take it out from the freezer about 20 min before you want to eat it. Enjoy with a digestive type biscuit. 

Voila! No churn mango and blueberry ice cream!

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