New Restaurant Trends From Around The World

New Restaurant Trends From Around The World

I always like to keep an eye on new restaurants around the world, as what’s happening today in Tokyo will soon be happening in a Restaurant in Limerick or Donegal. So here are some of my recent favourites.


The Weeping Spoon, Newfoundland

At first this seems that this is a normal seafood bistro, but soon you notice that all the staff are crying. Head Chef Avril Jones insists that all the waiters regularly slice onions to keep the tears flowing and she goes on to say that this attracts “vindictive customers.”


The Last Supper, Las Vegas

Situated in the Grand Casino, this restaurant exactly recreates the dining room on the Titanic. The menu gives a taste of early twentieth century glamour, and just after the main course is served the entire restaurant begins to sink into a custom made pool of water. If you’re booking ask for a table near the door.


The Loaf, Glasgow

Gordon Ramsay’s new venture is a minimalist approach to fine dining. Instead of serving food and drink to diners at tables, this restaurant consists entirely of an open plan kitchen where Ramsay screams insults at terrified trainee chefs. Jay Rayner called it “harrowing and pointless”.

What would Escoffier have made of it all?


By John Moynes

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