Moules Marinière

The classic of all classics. I love shellfish and the simpler the recipe the happier I am. This is also very cheap and will give a bit of a party atmosphere to your table. Just clunk down a few bowls of steaming mussels on the table and every one eats with their fingers. Just make sure you’ve handy bowls with water and lemon for people to rinse their fingers in!

This is generally served with fries but I like mine with a side of crusty bread to dunk in the sauce. Utterly Delicious!


1 litre of mussels (that’s sufficient for 2 people and you’re being generous!), 4/5 shallots, a tbs of butter, 2 tbs of creme fraich, a handful of chopped parsley, a glass of white wine.


Heat up the shallots in the butter on medium heat until they’re transparent. Do not let them brown.


Add the mussels and the wine to the pot, cover and let them cook with the lid on for 10 min. You will know they are fully cooked when they’re open. Make sure to discard any unopen mussels as these are considered the bad ones and can make you really sick.


Add the creme fraiche and chopped parsley.






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