Mediterranean Potato Salad

Mediterranean Potato Salad

After a long day of gallivanting last week, I came up with the idea for this salad. You will find the recipe at the bottom of this post. 

It was good Friday and the sunshine woke me up so I got up early and took a drive up to Sandymount for a walk by the beach with a friend. It was breezy as storm Katie was on the way but the light more than made up for the cold. Judge for yourself.



We followed our stroll by a drive up to the Powercourt’s Centre in Wicklow and gorgeous breakfast of scones and fruit salad. Avoca have a nice cafe up there and as they serve my favourite scones, it’s always worth the drive up there.  I went for the pear and vanilla scone. If I had to pick one last scone before I died, this one, it would have to be this one. The fruit salad is lovely. They even put cucumber in it, which I wouldn’t have thought of doing but will definitely try at home soon. The sweetness of the fruit is nicely rounded by the freshness of the mint they add to it. All in all a most satisfying breakfast. And a damn fine coffee to boot! As you can see from the light in the picture we had the breakfast al fresco admiring the views. A great way to start the day!



Once well fed we took a drive up to Glendalough and back via the Sally Gap. That drive is never short of breath taking.  Here, have a wee look. Well, what do you think? 




Anyways, I was a fair bit pooped when I got home and needed something easy to make. But I’m no pot noodle girl so here’s what happened next!


500 g of baby potatoes; 1 tin of anchovies; 2 large ripe tomatoes; 2 heads of baby gem lettuce; 1 small tin of sweetcorn; 4 eggs; 2 shallots; balsamic vinegar; olive oil; soy sauce and herbs of your choice; 1/2 table spoon of cracked black pepper. 


First cut the shallots in tiny little cubes and cover them with the balsamic vinegar. Cut your potatoes in half and boil them until they’re tender. Drain them and let them cool down, but not all the way down.  This salad shines the most when you get the bite of the warm potato coated in dressing. While the potatoes are cooking, place your eggs in boiling water for no more than 5 min 45 sec (for the medium to large eggs).  Make sure to run the cold water over the eggs to stop the cooking process.  Toss the potatoes in with the sweet corn, herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and anchovies. Add a dash of soy sauce and a drizzle of olive oil to the shallots in vinegar. Spoon the dressing on the salad and add the halved eggs on top. Enjoy! 


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  1. Sarah says:

    I love potato salads and yours looks so tasty. πŸ™‚ Love your pictures!

    1. recessionbites2014 says:

      Thanks Mrs! It was a Good Friday as they say πŸ˜‰

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