Mayo is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s tasty, it’s smooth and it should always, always go with chips (well it does on the continent anyway)!

I make it maybe once every few months as a treat. It’s gorgeous as a simple crudités dip or with cold chicken left overs.


3 large eggs, Dijon mustard, Dribble of vinegar or lemon juice, salt, pepper, 30 cl of oil (neutral oils are best: vegetable oil or rapeseed) – if you want extra flavour try using olive oil or any of the infused oil.

Separate the eggs and refrigerate the whites for future use.  Place the yolks in a large bowl, mix a heaped spoon of mustard, add the vinegar (or lemon) and the salt and pepper. Gently whisk until smooth.

Add the oil one bit at a time and beat the mixture quite heavily. You are looking for an emulsion. The more oil you add the thicker and more firm the texture.

You can serve it with a few chopped chives thrown in. This should last a good week if you keep in a close container in the fridge.

Here is the consistency you’re looking for:


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