Last Minute Gift Guide For The Irish Food Lovers In Your Life

Are you sick of shopping already but still have lots to buy? Follow me down the rabbit hole or simply read this gift guide for Irish food lovers (lovers of Irish food that is).

Last Minute Gift Guide For The Irish Food Lovers In Your Life

I’m going to keep this short, sweet and organised. If your loved ones have a passion for Irish food, any of the following will go down a storm.  I’m organising this post in four sections: one for cheese, one for gin, one for food and one for the road. Am I using this post to drop the most enormous hints in the world? Maybe.

Before you get a fright… I am aware that none of these gifts are cheap but I believe they are truly special.   There are plenty of gift guides available for smaller budgets and I will happily link you to other blogs if you like. Just ask. I am here to help.


Cheese Gifts For Irish Food Lovers

Sheridans are the undisputed kings of all things cheese in Ireland. They support, promote and sing the praises of our local cheese makers and I, in turn, like to support them.  I think anyone who loves Irish cheese would be thrilled to become a member of their Cheese Club

You could also gift a cheese making course with Silke Croppe of Corleggy Cheese (she is a legend in Irish Cheese circles). She is giving a full day’s course at the Cooks Academy in February 2018. 

Personally, I think I’d be more likely to go straight to the farm, but if you have been following my adventures , you will know I love to muck about in the fields. This means that I’d be very likely to prefer this cheese making course in Knockdrinna.  It is a fair bit further from me but it’s half the price and fresh air would be amazing. Plus, I love an excuse for a good road trip. 


Gin Gifts for Irish Food Lovers

Listoke Distillery has opened the first School of Gin in Ireland.  A visit will set you back 90 euro per person.  I haven’t been there myself but I have heard great things about it and intend to visit it next year. 

Alternatively, you could go and chat to the Celtic Whiskey Shop staff as they know everything that is worth knowing about Irish gin.  They will help you choose a bottle with your own taste in mind.  For what it’s worth, I’m a massive Drumshanmo fan, I adore Mor Irish gin and wouldn’t kick himself out of bed for drinking Highbank Orchard gin. 

Food And Drink Gifts for Irish Food Lovers 

As I continue my journey of discovery around Ireland I have started to learn more and more about animal welfare and food provenance. I am still learning and I’ve a long way to go but it is something I am increasingly concerned by and passionate about.

With that in mind, I love the idea of approaching small producers and supporting what they do when it’s in line with my ethos. Old farm in Tipperary do vouchers for a half or full pig. Granted this is not an immediate present but you would be buying a good life for a pig and a freezer fullof incredible meat by the end of next year. I currently have a quarter of a pig in mine and I’m going to be munching my way through the holidays. Also next year, I’ll be buying a half lamb from them. 

A great bottle of Irish whiskey, I’m  a massive fan of Connemara Whiskey and the Middleton Very Rare 2017 promises to be rather special too. 

James Whelans have launched Beef Bonds, much like the voucher for Old Farm this is a pay first and reap massive benefits from it later. I’m a huge fan of this kind of scheme.

One of my favourite butchers in Dublin (yes I have a few, don’t you?) is The Village Butcher in Ranelagh.  They are doing Christmas vouchers and deliver country wide. You will need to ring them or email them to order the vouchers. 

Finally, I want to recommend my latest obsession. Have you tried the Wicklow Way Wines? Made with Clarke’s fruits, the strawberry wine pairs with St Tola Ash like nobody’s business and the blackberry wine needs a blue like Young Buck.  I’m particularly keen on these two bottles because to me they are everything I love about the Irish food industry. It’s local, fresh, collaborite, inventive and absolutely second to none. 


Random Presents for Irish Food Lovers 

The Galway Food Tour is organised by Sheena Dignam and is the tastiest way to visit Galway with a local. Make a weekend of it and get yourself a voucher for that tour. You can’t possibly regret it. 

Sheridans give a cheese course twice a year. And I’m treating myself to it. 

The final but far from least suggestion I have is a voucher for an “experience” weekend. Both Highbank Orchard (Kilkenny) and Old Farm (North Tipp) open their homes airbnb style. At Highbank you can spend time in the stunning setting of a glorious fully working Orchard and at Old Farm you can learn to bake or to rear pigs! 

Finally, none of the above is sponsored. I am simply so terribly proud of how wonderfully rich and vibrant the Irish food industry that I want to share it with you. 

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