Goatsbridge Trout Competition

Goatsbridge Trout Competition

This post is going to be easy and to the point. It’s about Goatsbridge Trout. It’s a competition. It the great Goatsbridge Trout Competition.

The Goatsbridge Trout Competition comes with many thanks to the indomitable Mag Kirwan, the driving strength behind Goatsbridge, Ireland’s favourite trout farm. In case you’re wondering if this is an add, I can confirm that, no, it’s not. I simply asked Mag to whether she had a few treats to share with you, and boy did she deliver. 

I met Mag when she was looking for bloggers to come up with recipes for her website. She supplied me with lots of her product to try and I gave her a few recipes. I never thought of trout before. I was forever a salmon girl. As it turns out, I’m an equal opportunity fish lover, and Goatsbridge trout now often appears on my table. If you’ve not tried Goatsbridge products, you will find them in all good delis and most Supervalu shops. 

We worked together again during the year on a project that she ran called Fishwives. If you’ve not heard about it already, here is a bit about the project. I am one of the Fishwives and it is close to my heart. 


Should you be the lucky winner of the Goatsbridge Trout Competition, you could try your hand at this Smoked Trout Tart , these Smoked Trouts Wellington Bites or this simple Smoked Trout Salad. Or you could go wild, do what you like and tell me about it all. 



The prize for the Goatsbridge Trout Competition is as follows: 

  • 1 side of smoked trout
  • 1 tin of caviar 
  • 1 packet of the new Chili and Lime Flaked Trout 
  • 1 packet of the new Lemon and Garlic Flaked Trout
  • 1 packet of the new Hot Smoked Flaked Trout 

The lucky winner will get every single one of the above listed items. Shure what else would you want to win but a whole lot of fish. 

But here’s the trick. Not only do I get to pick on winner, but Mag is happy for me to pick three. Each one will win the lot. I am delighted. 

Conditions for the Goatsbridge Trout Competition:

  • Thou shalt live in Ireland (the Republic).
  • Thou shalt have entered this competition by 14.00 on 24th of December.
  • Thou shalt know that the judge (me)’s decision is final.
  • Thou shalt leave me a comment under this blog post with a feel good story about fish. 
  • Thou shalt earn brownie points if those stories are about trout. 
  • Thou shalt love me if you win.

Here’s an example of a happy fish story: 

Me, my lovely friend Helen, and the sea side in Portugal. Grilled sardines. Flaked sea salt. A sunset and a cold glass of white wine. Helen is not allowed to enter this competition as she’d probably win the three prizes just for that one. 

Anyway, I don’t half go on. Please do enter the great Goatsbridge Trout Competition. 

Good luck! 

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  1. Oh, oh, oh….what a FAB prize. PLUS I have a story.
    After my brush with near death (may be prone to exaggeration) I was told by the docs that I had to eat more fish – oily fish, full of B12. Anyway a kindly neighbour knocked on the door and handed me a bag of ‘herns’ (that’s the Wexford way of saying herring. My brother loves them. So I asked him politely if he’d do the gutting of them, and I’d do the cooking of them – and help with the ‘atin. He said, he would do them for me when he got home from the pub. Next morning I woke up to a bag of herns still in the sink, and a note from my bro saying he’d forgotten that he was going to Tenerife for a golf trip and he’d see me next week. So I was left to gut, clean and scale the fish. I’m fairly queazy, and I did it with my eyes closed. Took me three weeks to get the scales off the ceiling πŸ™‚

    1. Proper Food says:

      Happy Christmas Anne Marie! You’re winner no. 1 πŸ™‚ You can now slap your brother with a side of smoked trout. That’ll learn him! I’ll be in touch next week to organise delivery!

  2. Simon says:

    Hello, too late at night to be looking to this food. OK, when I was still a child we moved to a different part of town. It was a new estate so no one really knew each other and after less than a week I accidentally (swear) put a ball through one of the neighbour’s front window. Yerman ran out of the house and gave me an unmercifully over the top bollocking which didn’t of down too well. A few months later he arrived with a fresh caught trout by way of apology. The fish went straight on the barbecue with only minimal seasoning and became so legendary that he has returned same time every year with a fresh fish for the bbq. That was 20 years ago now so moral of the story, don’t be too careful where you kick a football.

    1. Proper Food says:

      Happy Christmas, Simon. I loved loved loved this story! You’re winner no. 2. I’ll be in touch next week to organise delivery!

  3. Fiona oneill says:

    Spending hours on the river nore fishing for trout along the riverbank in Lacken (for everyone in Kilkenny that knows the place) Every so often while standing in the water and silence Id be joined by a beautiful Kingfisher. He’d nod at me and I’d return the nod before he flew off again 🐟🐟🐟

  4. Noel Dunne says:

    Spent my confirmation money on my first fishing rod and caught a large trout on my local river Delvin first time I fished. Worse thing that ever happened as I didn’t catch another for many years afterwards

  5. Spent my childhood down the beach and out at the pier fishing for crabs mussels and any sort of fish we could catch best childhood ever doing this and religiously mum fed us fish every wednesday and Friday which were my favourite dinners fresh cod and flat Ray fried with homemade chips yummy

  6. Anna says:

    I don’t think I’ve eaten trout since I was a teen, long long ago. I used to go off with the rod & dog out to the lochs and spend the day there, hoping to catch one. Which I did once or twice, but they are smart fish stealing the worms off my hook and I saw them jumping all around me catching flies.
    When I did catch one, I took it home to gut and stuffed it with a slice of apple and some onion, seasoned and a little butter in foil, baked and happily eaten by myself and a taste for the dog too.

  7. Stop “fishing” for comments on your blog, Katia, you’re always “carping” on. Is there a “ray” of hope I can win this thing??

  8. … And “mussel” in on the prize?

    (Sorry… I’ll stop now)

    1. Proper Food says:

      There’s something fishy about your entry but you saw right through me and for that you deserve the gift of great fish. You’re lucky winner no. 3! Happy Christmas Fionnuala. I’ll be in touch next week to organise delivery!

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