Charlotte Au Chocolat

Charlotte Au Chocolat

This is truly an old classic. This was my mum go to cake. Charlotte au chocolat with creme anglaise. And she was right. It’s a winner winner chicken dinner.

Very few ingredients and with no butter and no sugar you really could do worse than this dessert when it comes to counting the calories!

Please not that this recipe is adaptable to what mould you’re using so the ratio of mousse to lady fingers is for you to decide! You don’t have to cook or bake anything but you do have to prepare it a good 5 hours before you want to eat it!


4 eggs; 300 g of chocolate; 20 lady fingers; bitta rum; bitta cold water.


Line your bowl with cling film. Dip your lady fingers in the mixture of half cold water and half rum. No more than 2 seconds. Place them on the bottom of your mould. This will be the top of your cake so make sure to put the sugared bit of the biscuits facing out as it’ll be much prettier. Once the bottom is done do the sides.

Separate the eggs and mount the whites with  a tiny bit of salt until they’re nice and firm and you can turn the bowl upside down and they stay put. Magic. Tada!

Melt your chocolate carefully and mix it with the egg yolks. Let it cool down for 2 min and then add it to the egg white. Usual job, please be delicate as the whole point of the egg whites is the air that’s been beaten into them and which will ensure your mousse stays light and your dessert morish.

Once you’ve all that done, add the chocolate mousse on top of your biscuits and then cover with mor biscuits. This time, as this is the bottom of the cake you want the sugar bits to face into the mousse as it means your cake will have a nice straight and even bottom to sit on when it’s out of the mould!

Leave it in the fridge for a good 4 hours. What with the cling film along the bowl, you’ll have no problem getting it out! Just cut the bits of biscuits over the bottom of the cake with a spoon. Grand job!

If you want to make creme anglaise, go there:

I can’t recommend this cake enough. I made it for Christmas and it was fair devoured!





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