Carrots With Miso Butter And Tarragon

Carrots With Miso Butter And Tarragon

I’m not sure why but I rarely buy carrots. I like them very well raw, like in this pickled carrots salad but I very rarely cook them. For some reason, this christmas, I have been buying them more and playing with them a bit. I’m not a steamed or simply boiled carrots kind of person, to me they deserve a fair bit of work to be lifted from their natural sweetness. 

This carrot dish is not intended to be the main vegetable dish on your table. Although it is delicious, it is intense in flavour and I find you will want no more than one (large to medium) carrot per person. It goes well with any white meat (think roast chicken) or fish and will pair very well with a creamy mash or roasted cauliflower.

I use red miso in this dish which is the most pungent one. There is a kick to it and it delivers a stronger fermented flavour. If you want something more gentle you can use the white miso paste instead. 

The leftovers will be very welcome the day after a feast as they are quite the moist maker in a sandwich, which is, as you know, the recipe for happiness. 



  • 500 g of carrots
  • 12o g of unsalted butter
  • 1 teaspoon of red miso paste (or 1 tablespoon of white miso paste)
  • fresh crushed white pepper
  • 1 handful of tarragon


  • Head and tail the carrots and give them a good rinse. Slice them finely. 
  • Boil them until they are a consistency you enjoy. I like mine just passed the crunch with a bit of firmness as it gives some chew but it is not mushy either). You can do this well in advance of your meal which can help when things become manic. 
  • While the carrots are boiling, mash the miso and butter together and pick the leaves from the tarragon branches. 
  • When you are ready to eat, gently heat the carrots in the miso butter with the tarragon leaves and sprinkle with the pepper just before serving. 

Carrots In Miso Butter And Tarragon -

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