Brussel Sprouts And Feta Salad

Brussel Sprouts And Feta Salad


Just now, I am all about the sprouts. Before Christmas. I had bought a large stalk and it’s after lasting me two weeks but I’ve finally gotten to the top of it. Yesterday, I wrote about a beautiful sprouts slaw and today, I want to show them how to fix them up in an unusual salad.

I was heading back in to work this morning and one of the things I want to get better at, this year, is bringing my own lunch in. It doesn’t need to fancy but it will have to be tasty and satisfying. It’s just the way I am with food, if my meals don’t excite me, I feel they are wasted and I get sad. I’ve always been this weird way.

Anyways, between my need for a decent lunch and wanting to use up the last few sprouts and other bits around the house, here is the dish I came up with. I made a version of my marinated feta as a base and it worked a treat.

As per yesterday’s post, do use other vegetables instead of sprouts if that’s what you have, raw broccoli or cucumber will work very well as would steamed beetroot or any other root veg.


  • one bag of sprouts
  • two packets of feta
  • five scallions or one red onion sliced very finely
  • zest of one lemon
  • one teaspoon of Korean chili or freshly cracked black pepper will do just fine here for a bit of heat
  • the best olive oil you own
  • whatever fresh herbs you have knocking around the kitchen. I used flat or curly parsley as that’s what is in my garden.


  • This is just a case of slicing your sprouts finely and cubing your feta and mixing it with everything in a bowl. Drizzle the oil and let it sit for an hour or so. I’ve eaten it both freshly made (after an hour) and the day after and this holds very well.


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