It’s here, it’s arrived, it’s soup season and I love it. From January onwards, I am a soup fiend. I used to hate soup and saw it as a punishment but as a card carrying member of the grown-up community, I love a bowl of soup.

With this post, I wanted to round up some of my winter warmers with a hope you will find a bit of comfort and pleasure in those great big bowls of deliciousness. I hope you try at least a couple if not all and that these recipes bring you as much joy as they bring me.

I’m a firm believer that you can make a very basic vegetable soup and turn into something really specials with just a few great toppings.

As a general rule, I’m more into blended soups than the chunky ones, but that’s probably because I’ve never made one I quite love yet and I’m sure that will evolve in due time.

And of course, as you know by now, I’m quite contrary and the first soup I’m quoting is of course a chunky one. Why make sense when you can do what you want?

This garlic soup recipe is the ultimate “I can’t be bothered going to the shop” soup. It is cheap. It is ultra simple and it is nourishing and full of flavour.

The next soup is one which, at the time, took me by surprise but which is, today, a staple in my winter soup catalogue. The humble potato soup has featured on my table in many forms and versions and I’m mad about it. I’ve learned that it’s much nice when made with a good floury potato or at the very least a rooster. None of those new season potatoes for this particular soup!

This soup is a stunner in terms of colour but it also is such a great soup. The earthiness of the beetroot paired with the sweetness of the parsnip, with a great dash of savouriness coming from the stilton. The whole combination is then lifted by a dusting of freshly crushed white pepper. Trying it is loving it!

Last but not least, and by far my absolute favourite soup is this absolutely gorgeous orange and lentil soup. I could happily eat it twice a week (who are those people who can eat the same thing every day…). It’s elegant and refined. It soothes and excites, it is in fact the perfect soup.

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