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My name is Katia Valadeau and during the day I’m a Financial Crime Manager, while at night, I am a food writer, passionate cook, public speaker, social media and food business consultant, and cheerleader for other women. 

On this blog you will find recipes from Ireland, France and beyond. The emphasis is on simple, well-made food. I am happiest cooking with seasonal and local ingredients and I will travel for a great feed!

Ireland is in the midst of a fantastic food movement and I am very excited to introduce you to some of our wonderful products and small producers.  I believe Ireland is one of the most underrated food tourism destinations and I feel it’s time we surprised the world. I play my part by actively promoting the local food effort. 

Finally, I am a passionate activist for women’s rights and I publish a weekly post of the women of the Irish food industry. With this series, I aim to promote women and the work they do with a view to make them more visible and therefore more desirable to hire. 

Thanks to this blog I have stretched and expanded my cooking skills, learned to take a decent photo but most importantly I have made friends for life whom I’d have very likely never met otherwise. Some might say it’s one of the best things I ever made happen. 

These days, I like to travel around Ireland and further afield in order to discover all that is great about food, wine and hospitality. I love nothing more than getting into the car for a bit of a road trip, especially when know that deliciousness awaits me at the other end. To cut a long story short, I pride myself in my involvement in the Irish food industry and the associated community. 

I write a semi-monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to through this website and with it, I strive to bring you news from across the islands with regards to all things food, drink and hospitality.

Even though I’ve been in Ireland since 1998, I still tend to view life through a french lense and I am happiest when eating blue bavette and tucking into a board of great local cheeses. My recipes are always simple for the basic fact that I’m a simple cook. Yes, I’m confident in the kitchen but I am no chef, that is certain!

So don’t be shy, if you have any questions, suggestions or recommendations or if I can help in any way, come say hi. 

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