Garlic Soup Recipe

Garlic Soup Recipe

Food | 17th September 2017 | By

This garlic soup recipe will bring you straight to the heart of Spanish Cuisine. Simple and fragrant, this works as cold buster for those chilly autumn evenings.  Years and years Read more…

White Asparagus With Miso Vinaigrette

White Asparagus

Food | 26th May 2017 | By

White asparagus are a strong childhood memory. I serve them here based on a classical recipe but with a twist.  I grew up in France, where white asparagus where the Read more…

Tropical Fruit Salad And The Mother Of All Gins

tropical fruit

Food | 6th May 2017 | By

Don’t know what to make when you’re short on time and you’ve been asked to bring dessert? A tropical fruit salad will see you right.  I had to make a dessert Read more…

How To Mess With Classic Fried Potatoes With This Surprising Ingredient

Fried Potatoes

Food | 23rd April 2017 | By

Who doesn’t like fried potatoes? I’m going to take a wild guess and boldly say that no one can.  Fried potatoes are comforting, crispy outside and soft and warm inside. Read more…

Iranian Shirazi Salad

Iranian Shirazi Salad

Food | 13th March 2017 | By

Sick of the usual tomato and cucumber salad? Try this Iranian Shirazi salad and thank me later.  Whether you are vegan or love meat, this Iranian Shirazi salad has something Read more…

Dirty Rice Is Your Friend

Dirty Rice

Food | 24th February 2017 | By

Nothing but nothing goes better with grilled fish than a squeeze of lemon and a generous portion of dirty rice. Have you ever heard of dirty rice? It’s a traditional creole Read more…

Spicy Broad Beans Recipe

Spicy Broad Beans

Food | 18th February 2017 | By

I will plant broad beans next month to get them growing in my garden over the warmer months. I can’t wait to be able to make this spicy broad beans recipe Read more…

Bejeweled Feta Recipe

Food | 6th February 2017 | By

This bejeweled feta recipe is one of the pretties dishes you can make. It’s quick and will feed at least 4 people generously as a starter.  In my humble opinion, Read more…

Jerusalem Artichoke Recipe: Guess The Aftermath?

Food | 16th November 2016 | By

Have you ever eaten Jerusalem Artichoke? If not, can you guess the most unexpected consequence of this Jerusalem Artichoke Recipe?  But first and foremost, if you follow this Jerusalem Artichoke Read more…

Tequila And Chocolate Mousse

Food | 2nd October 2016 | By

Do you like chocolate? Do you like it oozy and a little bit boozy? Well then, read on for a gorgeous Tequila and chocolate mousse recipe.  I was at a Read more…