Three Quick Dishes To Serve To Unexpected Guests

Food | 1st April 2017 | By

Entertaining guests is easy if you have time to prepare. But everyone should have a few ideas for quick and easy meals to prepare at the drop of a hat Read more…

Warm Potato And Green Beans Salad

Food | 30th March 2017 | By

It’s that time of the year again, long bright days, mild days, sometimes warm days, but the nights are cold. Or at least a bit chilly. I don’t want stews Read more…

Warm Halloumi Salad Recipe – Persian Style

Halloumi Salad

Food | 27th March 2017 | By

      Try this warm halloumi salad recipe for a lunch both complex in flavour and light on the stomach.  Halloumi is also known as hellim and comes from Read more…

Three Italian Wines

Drink | 22nd March 2017 | By

Italian wine has a long and proud history. Back in the days when Rome was a republic they were able to trade a single barrel of wine to the Gauls Read more…

Iranian Shirazi Salad

Iranian Shirazi Salad

Food | 13th March 2017 | By

Sick of the usual tomato and cucumber salad? Try this Iranian Shirazi salad and thank me later.  Whether you are vegan or love meat, this Iranian Shirazi salad has something Read more…

Urchin At The Cliff Townhouse

Urchin at the cliff townhouse

Where I Eat | 11th March 2017 | By

If you’ve been wondering about Urchin at the Cliff Townhouse, wonder no more.  A while back I was invited to the launch party of Urchin at the Cliff Townhouse. Urchin Read more…

Conrad Dublin Gin & Oysters Competition

Conrad Dublin Gin & Oysters Competition

Competitions | 9th March 2017 | By

Fancy some nibbles, two G&T’s per person and oysters till you say nu-uh? Well enter this Conrad Dublin Gin & Oysters Competition then. What are you waiting for? This Conrad Dublin Gin Read more…

Bacon and Lentils Soup Recipe

Bacon and Lentils Soup

Food | 4th March 2017 | By

Bacon and Lentils Soup is a thing of comfort and beauty. Follow this simple recipe for a bowl full of goodness.  I was home and cold after having been lashed Read more…

Mistakes We Shouldn’t See In Restaurants Anymore

Food, Where I Eat | 28th February 2017 | By

Eating out should be a treat. For some of us it will be a regular treat, for others a very carefully planned and budgeted one.  If you’re lucky enough to Read more…

Dirty Rice Is Your Friend

Dirty Rice

Food | 24th February 2017 | By

Nothing but nothing goes better with grilled fish than a squeeze of lemon and a generous portion of dirty rice. Have you ever heard of dirty rice? It’s a traditional creole Read more…