Elderflower & Gin Cocktail

Elderflower & Gin Cocktail

It’s like that. It’s been a long couple of weeks. Work is good  but hard and the evenings are warm and sticky and I needed some refreshing and cheeky and bold. Because Wednesdays are for business time. So let your hair down but keep your socks on. It’s only Wednesday. No need to get too wild. Yet. 

First grab a glass and give it a good wipe. You want a bit glass. No point in being shy. It’s been a tough day and you deserve a treat so you might as well supersize it. Pour 2 shots of elderflower cordials and 2 shots of gin. Top with fizzy water (to your taste really). Plop in 7 strawberries. Not 6 or 8 now you hear?  If you do, your hair will go frizzy and nobody wants frizzy hair. I should know. Any way, stick a sprig of mint. Grab and hypnothyse a cat to pose for your picture and you’re done!


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