Urchin At The Cliff Townhouse

Urchin at the cliff townhouse

Where I Eat | 11th March 2017 | By

If you’ve been wondering about Urchin at the Cliff Townhouse, wonder no more.  A while back I was invited to the launch party of Urchin at the Cliff Townhouse. Urchin Read more…

Mistakes We Shouldn’t See In Restaurants Anymore

Food, Where I Eat | 28th February 2017 | By

Eating out should be a treat. For some of us it will be a regular treat, for others a very carefully planned and budgeted one.  If you’re lucky enough to Read more…

We were eating In Sligo

Where I Eat | 22nd May 2016 | By

We had decided to take a slow weekend of eating in Sligo and we were kindly invited to dine at Eala Bhan. I took a quick look at their website Read more…