Taste Kilkenny – Episode 3: Discover Zwartbles And The Cat Shepherd


I was sent to Suzanna Crampton at Zwartbles Farm by Julie of Highland Orchard Farm during my first visit on my Taste Kilkenny tour. As previously mentioned, you simply cannot Read more…

White Asparagus With Miso Vinaigrette

White Asparagus

Food | 26th May 2017 | By

White asparagus are a strong childhood memory. I serve them here based on a classical recipe but with a twist.  I grew up in France, where white asparagus where the Read more…

Taste Kilkenny – Episode 2: Kilkenny Whiskey Guild

Kilkenny Whiskey Guild

Drink, Food | 21st May 2017 | By

 In the first episode of my Taste Kilkenny series, I wrote about Highbank Orchard and all that you can do with an apple. This week is all about the Kilkenny Read more…

Taste Kilkenny – Episode 1: Discover Highbank Orchard

Taste Kilkenny Highbank Orchard

Taste Kilkenny launched in April. I’ve been a big fan of Goatsbridge Trout and the work they do at their farm for quite some time, but I would have never Read more…

Tropical Fruit Salad And The Mother Of All Gins

tropical fruit

Food | 6th May 2017 | By

Don’t know what to make when you’re short on time and you’ve been asked to bring dessert? A tropical fruit salad will see you right.  I had to make a dessert Read more…

What Are The Best And Most Unusual Cooking Accessories

Cooking Accessories

Food | 30th April 2017 | By

I have been pondering cooking accessories for a while. I’ve been particularly curious about what makes a great one versus the ones that clutter my kitchen and gather dust.  I Read more…

How To Mess With Classic Fried Potatoes With This Surprising Ingredient

Fried Potatoes

Food | 23rd April 2017 | By

Who doesn’t like fried potatoes? I’m going to take a wild guess and boldly say that no one can.  Fried potatoes are comforting, crispy outside and soft and warm inside. Read more…

Galway Food Festival 2017 – My Top Five Picks And Some

Food | 9th April 2017 | By

The Galway Food Festival takes place in Galway from the 13th to the 17th of April. In this article, you will find a list of events I think are exciting.   Read more…

Three Quick Dishes To Serve To Unexpected Guests

Food | 1st April 2017 | By

Entertaining guests is easy if you have time to prepare. But everyone should have a few ideas for quick and easy meals to prepare at the drop of a hat Read more…

Warm Potato And Green Beans Salad

Food | 30th March 2017 | By

It’s that time of the year again, long bright days, mild days, sometimes warm days, but the nights are cold. Or at least a bit chilly. I don’t want stews Read more…