The Weekly Soup – French Onion Soup

Food | 26th April 2015 | By

This is the classic of all classics. It is commonly served late at night in France. It’s the last hand of frienship and hospitality you extend to people before they Read more…

The Weekly Soup – Supa de Ajo

Food | 20th April 2015 | By

It’s spring time and all the germs are at you. You can’t shake those sniffles and you need a boost. If this doesn’t cure what ails you, I want my Read more…

The Weekly Soup – Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup

Food | 6th April 2015 | By

This is light and perfect for this time of year when you stay out longer and just want something small and tasty bur without fuss. Ingredients: 4 tomatoes; 3 red peppers; Read more…