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Garlic Soup Recipe

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Pasta With Bread And Spinach


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Garlic Soup Recipe

Garlic Soup Recipe

Food | 17th September 2017 | By

This garlic soup recipe will bring you straight to the heart of Spanish Cuisine. Simple and fragrant, this works as cold buster for those chilly autumn evenings.  Years and years Read more…

Pasta With Bread And Spinach

Pasta With Bread And Spinach

Food | 10th September 2017 | By

The evenings are drawing in and the grand stretch is long gone. The wind is picking up and the rain is becoming a more frequent companion again. As the crispness Read more…

Basque Style Chicken

Basque Style Chicken

Food | 31st August 2017 | By

This basque style chicken has been quite a regular on my table this summer. It’s a simple recipe and easily adapted to what’s available in your house.  You know the Read more…

Gin Garnishes

Gin garnishes

Drink | 6th August 2017 | By

Can’t afford to go out? Stay at home and make delicious cocktails with these gorgeous gin garnishes.  With what appears to be a new festival happening most weekends in a Read more…

Aldi’s Wine Lover Sale

Aldi's Wine Lover Sale

Drink | 3rd August 2017 | By

Aldi are having a late summer wine sale. This is great because Aldi is one of those shops that we’d all like to buy wine in, if only we had Read more…

Homemade Spice Bag Is Easier To Make Than You Think

Homemade Spice Bag

Food | 29th July 2017 | By

I have two questions for you. Have you ever eaten a spice bag? And more importantly, have you ever eaten a homemade spice bag? If you’ve never heard of the Read more…

BBQ Pork And The Lost Art Of Throwing Whatever Is Handy In The Marinade

BBQ Pork

Food | 21st July 2017 | By

It’s summer and I’m indulging in a spot of outdoors cooking and BBQ pork is my new bae.  There are a million and one recipes for BBQ pork if you Read more…

French Aioli Made With Irish Ingredients Is The Best Of Both Worlds

French Aioli

Food | 15th July 2017 | By

Have you ever had French aioli? If not, it’s one of summer’s basic pleasures. Read on.  Yesterday was Bastille Day and we were having a barbeque at some friends house. Read more…

The Croffle And Why You Will Not See Me Queuing For it


Food, Where I Eat | 11th July 2017 | By

On this Bastille week, in the good year of 2017, the croffle was born.  What is a croffle you wonder? Well, according to the press release I received yesterday: “The Read more…

Mexican Style BBQ Grilled Chicken Is The New Black

Grilled chicken

Food | 9th July 2017 | By

This Mexican style grilled chicken is ideal for a quick marinade before throwing the meat on the barbie.  I realised recently that for someone who claims to love meat, I Read more…